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1 June 2013

Dns Jumper v1.0.5

Dns Jumper v1.0.5 - adalah sebuah tool yang membuat mudah bagi sobat untuk mengganti DNS atau Domain Name System yang di sediakan oleh operator sobat. Dengan cara ini sobat dapat meningkatkan browsing, mempercepat atau meningkatkan keamanan. Dari keuntungan tersebut, masih banyak keuntungan lainnya yang dapat sobat temukan di Dns Jumper. Penasaran ??? langsung sedott aja sob.

Screen Shot :
What is new:
01.[ Added ] – IP v6 support (The World’s First IPv6 DNS changer)
02.[ Fixed ] – On some x64 Windows systems DNSJumper does not run properly
03.[ Fixed ] – After Update , comes Dublicate entries
04.[ Fixed ] - You can ping only 99 DNS servers
05.[ Fixed ] – Antivirus “False Positive” Problems
06.[ Added ] – You can see your current Dns feature
07.[ Added ] – Improved Ping algorithm
08.[ Added ] – You can ping only selected Dns servers feature
09.[ Added ] – You can select or deselect all Dns servers easily (with right click) feature
10.[ Added ] – You can stop dns servers ping test feature
11.[ Added ] – Open network connections easily feature
12.[ Added ] – Find selected dns’s country feature
13.[ Added ] – You can create your own Dns server group or use one of the default Groups feature
14.[ Added ] – Voice allert feature
15.[ Added ] – Clear the DNS cache Automatically feature
16.[ Added ] – Secure DNS Group
17.[ Added ] – Show the fastest DNS test results as Mixed Feture
(for example: first fastest dns ip “Google” and second one is “Open DNS”) if mixed Option not selected DNSJumper shows the the same organization’s DNS IPs (such as Google)
18.[ Added ] – Quick Configuration menu
19.[ Added ] – New Logo and icons

Link Download :  Dns Jumper v1.0.5 

Enjoy ;)

Admin - Chepy

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