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7 July 2013

USB Disk Security Full Keygen

USB Disk Security adalah software keamanan terbaik yang berfungsi untuk memblock atau mencegah masuknya virus ke PC melalui media USB. Penting sekali untuk memasang USB Disk Security di PC sobat, karena selain untuk mencegah masuknya virus, juga dapat berfungsi sebagai pelindung data pribadi via USB storage. Dengan penggunaan yang cukup user friendly dan tidak terlalu banyak memakan memory, sehingga cocok untuk PC yang specknya minim.

Screen Shot :
Features USB Disk Security:
  • It is very easy to use without any learning
  • Systems use very low Ram
  • The software automatically as soon as the connection of external storage to any USB port
  • To run the software on Windows Startup
  • No need for frequent updates
  • Full support of external memory
  • Provide 100 percent security for the system with a strong antivirus and updated
  • Detection and removal of malicious files with a single click
  • Prevent the entry of the virus into the system flash memory
  • Has a very simple but attractive environment
  • High speed scan and remove malicious files and viruses, trojans, worms and ...
  • Fully compatible with all security software and anti-virus
  • Block any threats via USB storage
  • Protect offline computer
  • To avoid loss of data via USB storage
  • And does not slow down your computer
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows
Heuristic techniques USB Disk Security :
  • MemoryShield: This section analyzes the performance and behavior of experienced Antivirus Expert viruses and detects the virus. The scout program memory and run through it in real time to prevent malicious programs from running.
  • Quarantine: All unsafe objects that you've deleted are quarantined and can not do any harm to your computer. In this episode harmful software stored in encrypted form and can not run, so it can not get any damage.
  • RepairSystem: malicious software often make changes to your registry and temporary Internet nests stay on track. Hngan tool can fix this by changing the software to restore files created in vain to delete.
  • Autostart: Most of the malicious software to start automatically on Windows startup registry start-ups are added. This section by showing that the software will automatically allow you to disable the malicious software.
  • USBTools: this part is able to safely remove your USB drive and the computer stops sending harmful software
Link Download : USB Disk Security Full Keygen

Admin - Chepy

Enjoy ;)

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